The name of the Society shall be the National Alliance for Safe Food.


The Registered Office of the society shall remain at Lahore, Pakistan.


The society shall be a voluntary, non-political, non-profitable research and social service body. The aims and objectives shall be as under.

  1. Advancing research work and functioning as a center of excellence, promoting knowledge about Safe and Nutritious Food Production and consumption for the betterment of Human Society by awareness sessions, training and educating to the manufacturers and consumers.
  2. Enhancing interaction between Pakistani and foreign professionals in their respective realm; intending to initiate and taking long strides in the fields of research and analytical studies, entailing seminars and discussions elaborating each other’s viewpoints pertaining to public awareness and education. This forum shall serve as a focus for intellectual interaction between scholars of all shades stepping on the learning ladder.
  3. We shall endeavor hard and will
    (a) Making available the fundamental tools of knowledge tools as under:-
    (i) A well-equipped library;
    (ii) Database and electronic connectivity.
    (iii) Websites for research publications and interaction
    (iv) Publishing the Journal on Subject Matter
    (v) Undertaking all possible steps relating to the subject matter
    (vi) Organizing and setting up think tanks relating to the objectives of the Society
    (vii) Short Courses regarding the subject matter
    (viii) Govt. Sector projects collaborations.
  4. We shall be striving hard to establish and manage such institutions as of relevant domains as per need; contributing to the progress of education and awareness regarding safe and Nutritious Food. We sincerely intend to further our objectives into advanced and genuine research in the field of safe and Nutritious Food and betterment of Humanity.
  5. We shall try to make this a referral center for Safe and nutritious Food Production and consumption and allied branches.
  6. Discouraging unethical practices in the profession, providing counseling and career guidance for new arrivals.
  7.  Organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, awareness sessions, training sessions and walks about various issues also conducting such social activities as necessary to the fulfillment of the objectives of the society.
  8. Publishing research in periodicals, books, Handouts, and CDs thus disseminating academic and scientific information, conducive to attaining the objectives of society.
  9. Seeking co-operation and assistance of professional bodies including scientific and business communities with a view to serve research and development.
  10. Providing skills assistance to food relating departments in the form of Workshops, Seminars, books and Research Journals leading to the fulfillment of our noble objectives.
  11. Mobilizing higher socio-economic strata of the society for the realization of our objectives in particular and the masses, in general, paying particular attention to human resource development.
  12. Undertaking any other activity for the betterment of mankind within the purview of law and ethics.


The management of the society shall rest with the Governing Body/Executive committee of the society. The names, address, and occupations of the person who are present members of the Governing Body are as follows:-

S.N. Name & Address Occupation Designation
1 Muhammad Awais Khan S/O Muhammad Tufail

Resident of Chak no 275/E.B, Tehsil Burewala, District Vehari

Personal Business President/Chairman
2 Muhammad Fayyaz Khan S/O Zulfiqar Khan

Resident of chak no 483 J.B Tehsil Shorkot, District Jhang

Job Holder General Secretary
3 Hafiz Rehan Nadeem S/O Muhammad Ali Nadeem

Resident of Village Kaul P/) Same, Tehsil Chunian, District Kasur

Personal Business Secretary Finance/Treasurer
4 Noman Akhtar S/O Abu Darda

Resident of Shamkot Kuhna Kangan Pur, Tehsil chunian, District Kasur

Job Holder Member
5 Zia ur rehman zia S/O Mukhtar Ahmad

Resident of V/P/O Dhuni Kalan, Tehsil Phalia, District Mandi B. Din

Personal Business Member
6 Usman Haider Bhalli S/O Shaukat Ali Bhalli

Resident of Chak no 340J.B, Chahoor,Tehsil Gojra, District T.T. Singh

Personal Business Member
7 Muhammad Junaid S/O Muhammad Tufail

Resident of Chak no 275/E.B, Tehsil Burewala, District Vehari

Job Holder Member